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Connect with mental health professionals who use Multnomah Scales to get the "big picture" on the people in their care. Discover new insight into the administration and utility of the Revised MCAS-R for clinicians and the MCAS-SR consumer version.


You're invited to share information about how you are using Multnomah Community Ability Scales and discuss your results. Contact us to see your comments posted here.


We (Network Ventures, Inc.) reserve the right to edit comments for brevity and appropriateness.

"Genesee County CMH uses the MCAS because it measures exactly what we want to measure.  Our clinicians have found it easy to learn and use.  In a recovery/illness-management service environment, its focus on specific, relevant aspects of functioning in daily living tells us what we really want to know about program effectiveness and individual consumers’ progress."


- Jonathan A. C. Nigrine, MA, LLP

  Outcomes Manager

  Genesee County Community Mental Health

"We find the tool to be a good measure of functioning - brief yet covers a number of key areas and is sensitive to change."


- Janet Durbin, MSc

Research Scientist, Assistant Professor

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Department of Psychiatry

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

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